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Monday, April 11, 2011

An Edible Tale Deliciously Told

I recently attended an exclusive Edible Tales dining event in BA hosted by culinary masters Rachel Khoo and Frankie Unsworth. The stage was set on a beautiful roof top in San Telmo, a quaint borough in Buenos Aires. I was most excited to be added to the guest list last minute as Frankie and Rachel are known for their fantastically creative 'pop-up' dinners. To bring you up to speed, here's a little background info:
Frankie and Rachel met in Paris at a culinary bookstore. They both had studied at Le Cordon Bleu and having a similar culinary outlook, created Edible Tales, a series of creative scrumptious events. The first, Edible Immigration Tales was held in Sydney, Australia next was Edible Tapestry Tales in Melbourne and the most recent tale was told here in BA.
This Edible Tale was themed around books, book binding and paper. The details were not overlooked. The table was beautifully strewn with old novels, adorable place mats torn from old Spanish magazines and hand sewn napkin/menus. Each course was equally tasty and creative with the smallest of details not being overlooked. A most imaginative feast for the eyes and tummy where playing with your food is encouraged, not frowned upon.

First course: Papyrus Paper and Edible Paint. Edible papers, a crispy flatbread, and a paintbrush with 3 edible paints squeezed into an artist’s palette. The most fun was painting the romesco sauce, avocado ink and carrot and sweet potato hummous onto the breads.

Second Course:  Oracle Bone Marrow. I wasn't a fan until now! A yummy and well thought out concept. In Ancient China, documents were inscribed on bone or bamboo. Clever ladies.

Third Course: Crispy Pork Hide and Vegtable Fonts. Apparently, animal hides were used as paper in the Middle ages. I can't find the words to describe how delicious this was.

Fourth Course: E-Book Vol au Vent. In keeping with the theme and a modern day tribute to Apple Inc, this pastry was filled with a gorgeous blend of brunoise apple and mate (Argentine tea) flavoured cream.

Each course was paired perfectly with  Bodega Septima wines. From Argentina, of course.

Incredible hosts and chefs Rachel Khoo (left) and Frankie Unsworth (right). Keep an eye on their Blog, maybe you will get lucky and they will create another Edible Tale near you!

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  1. It looked like such a fun event. Great sport, food and company no doubt!