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Thursday, March 17, 2011

iPhone with a view

Almost everyone on the planet has a phone with a camera, right? It's not often that I take my big clunky DSLR out while traipsing through the streets of Buenos Aires, but I always have my iPhone. Street photography is awesome. While photographing humans, it is a bonus if you do not look totally creepy. To achieve this, there are many strategies: using the smallest camera possible; looking casual as to not disrupt your prey; shooting from the hip. My approach is simple. I use my iPhone and I pretend I’m intently texting. Voila! 

It’s not about taking a perfectly exposed, super sharp, correctly composed photograph. It’s about you and finding what’s inside you creatively.  It’s how you see and perceive what’s around you. To find what’s interesting and beautiful in the mundane of everyday. It’s about being a non intrusive observer or just taking shots of interesting lines, groupings of colours, reflections, really cool lighting or simply, how did that get there?

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  1. The fish foto looks amazing! Reminds me of Monty python for some reason.